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The Child Protection Centre was set up in 2010 thanks to a project implemented by the NGO CISP – International Committee for the Development of People, in partnership with the Department of Children's Services of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services and funded by UNICEF.

Since February 2011, CPC started implementing coordinated and integrated interventions addressed to detect, rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate already affected and abused children, together with prevention and awareness creation activities to promote and protect children’s rights.

In this period, over 9,300 cases have been managed, over 57,000 people have been reached during awareness activities at CPC and in rural areas. 

CPC is a resource center placed within the community to serve as a hub of information and services primarily for children. It’s a place where children who are at risk receive protection services like rescue, counseling, assessment, re-integration with families and referral to other services. It provides a space where children are encouraged to relax and talk about their problems.

Recent Updates

  • Mambrui and Mjanaheri Public Declaration Report

    682 hits02 March 2018
    CISP held a consultative stakeholder meeting in May 2017 to determine which areas in Malindi and Magarini sub-counties record the highest number of child abuse cases. Stakeholders proposed various are...
  • Githioro Community Public Declaration Event

    588 hits02 March 2018
    CISP’s theory is that most of the problems children face within a community have their root cause from the same community and most of the time can be tackled by the same community.   By the community ...
  • Research Report

    3581 hits20 April 2016
    A report on a Research done to understand the relationship between social norms and child abuse in Magarini Sub County, Kilifi County

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