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CPC works together hand in hand with other stakeholders responding in a wide range of cases. However, in some of the cases it is important to receive a prompt assistance and take immediate actions.


  1. Don't take a bath or wash clothes
  2. Wrap your clothes in a PAPER bag or in a newspaper NOT a plastic/polythene bag
  3. Go to the nearest hospital within 72 hours
  4. At the hospital you will be given a P3 form with which you can report the abuse to the police

In case of PHYSICAL ABUSE, you should:

  1. Report to a local authority (chief, police, VCO) or call the CPC (0702 170165)
  2. Call 116, Child Helpline

In case you need assistance to reach them, talk to a trusted adult (religious leader, police, chief, teachers, elder)

In case you are a victim of CHILD TRAFFICKING

  1. Talk immediately to a trusted adult
  2. Call the CPC (0702 170165) or report to a local authority (chief, police, VCO)
  3. Call 116, Child Helpline

Or if you think you see a child being forced to accompany an adult immediatelly report to a local authority (chief, police, VCO) or call the CPC (0702 170165)

Principles of Communicating with Children

      Click link to download  principles of communicating with children 

UNCRC Child Friendly Language

      Click link to download UNCRC child friendly language


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